International Insider Analysis

Verus’ European Insider Trading Model (EITM) and raw European and Asian Insider Data feeds (EID and AID, respectively), offered in partnership with 2iQ Research of Frankfurt, Germany, are the latest additions to our robust suite of products dedicated to the analysis of executive behavior. The EITM, a quantitative factor based on the EID, evaluates buy, sell and equity award decisions with a long/short excess spread return potential of approximately 2,000 basis points. The EID and AID are aggregated and cleansed data sources of otherwise disparate pan-European and Asia-Pacific insider transactions covering almost 9,000 firms in 40 countries. Whether used quantitatively or qualitatively, Verus' International Insider Data products allow institutional investors to efficiently gauge and analyze insider sentiment at the company, sector, or country level.

Unparalleled Quality

As first-to-market, one-of-a-kind sources of pan-European and Asia-Pacific insider transactions data, EITM, EID, and AID are requisite components to any quantitative or qualitative strategy examining International equities.

Multiple Data Formats

Delivered in a variety of formats to suit the unique needs of each client.

  • Quantitative model output with predictive scores reflecting Verus’s unique analytical and statistical capabilities (EITM).
  • Raw data delivered via FTP for use in modeling and other quantitative applications (EID and AID).
  • Email notification daily, weekly or monthly highlighting noteworthy transactions across a watch list, country, sector, or broad index.
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