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Since 1996 Verus has delivered numerous category creating, scientifically rigorous and commercially successful products for Global Partners. Verus Partner products are the best of breed within their category, commercially successful, and have been maintained/enhanced by Verus for many years. For example, the Verus Opinion (since 2004), embedded in the Thomson-Reuters Company-In-Context Report, has been the number one rated independently certified) equity rating amongst all of Fidelity’s independent research providers for the past 20 of the past 22 quarters.

Partner Markets
Product Names Dates Role
Thomson Reuters/CB Partners Investment Management/ Academic/Various Insider Trading Data Feeds 1997 – current Backend expert systems and ftp delivery for TR clients
Scorelab Retail investors Scorelab
1998- 2001 (sold) Backend analytics and assistance with web-based tools
Thomson Reuters/CB Partners Investment Management StockReports+ (and predecessor
& Insider Trading Model v1, v2 and v3
1999 – current Backend calculations to support web apps; and first generation web apps
Microsoft Corporation Retail Investors StockScouter 2001 – 2014 All backend calculations and auto text language to support apps
Credit Suisse (AG) High Net Worth Investors Insider Indexed Product 2003 – 2011 All backend equity rankings plus index calculations
Grenzbach Glier + Assoc/ CB Partners Not for Profit DonorScape 2004 – 2012 All backend calculations and hosted web app for end use clients
Fidelity Investments Retail Investors Company In Context Report Via Thomson Reuters 2004 – current All backend calculations and auto text language
2iQ Research (AG) Investment Management/ Various European and Asian Insider Data Feeds and European Insider Trading Model 2009 – current All backend calculations and ftp delivery to clients
Branded Products
Verus Factor Suite
International Insider Analysis

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