Key Internal Assets & Platforms
Experienced and Proven People

Founder and Chairman Dr. Bettis is a proven innovator, highly regarded former academic, and a successful entrepreneur with five separate IP or business asset exits to Thomson Reuters, First Allied/Greenbook, Merrill Lynch (now BofA), and Sabrient Systems. Chief Investment Strategist Tom Barrett is a former buy- side security analyst, portfolio manager (MFS) and principal of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Our team also includes key team members each with over 10 years of tenure at Verus: a senior financial engineer, a senior developer and the director of technology operations.

Significant Data Warehouse (“Concert”)

The infrastructure includes global data for fundamental, pricing, insider, mutual fund holdings, and detailed analyst estimates, each with broad usage rights pursuant to a partnership with Thomson Reuters. Data rights also include proprietary US compensation and governance related data via Bettis-affiliate firm Incentive Lab.

Robust and Reliable Back-testing Systems

This system has been in existence for twelve years and has been refined to be a comprehensive tool to evaluate a range of factors, portfolio strategies and index strategies.

State-of-the-art 24-7 Virtual IT Environment

Our infrastructure utilizes VMWare virtualization technology which allows us to meet Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and provides Verus with higher availability, faster deployment, lower cost, lower energy use, and simpler upgrades. We have both an on-site server room and an off-site data center which runs three physical VMWare ESX Enterprise servers used to maintain our production environment.

Branded Products
Verus Factor Suite
International Insider Analysis

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