Verus has a 20-year track record of delivering innovative data-intensive products on many platforms for global financial market partners and clients. We are uniquely positioned to help global partners because of our innovative experienced people, proven disciplined processes, enormous data warehouse, and 24-7 virtual production environment.

Verus Analytics Statement on StockScouter
We're working on an agreement with a new partner but cannot yet say when the scores will be available via the web. In the interim we're
sending an Excel spreadsheet with scores to StockScouter users twice a month. Please contact us at
to be added to our distribution list. Thank you for your interest in StockScouter. Learn more

Solutions for Partners

Since 1996, Verus Analytics has continuously delivered a wide variety of best of breed and commercially successful analytical products for our global partners. Often leveraging our academic roots, the analytical, quantitative and data-intensive products are delivered on a variety of platforms for global financial market partners such as Thomson Reuters and Fidelity Investments. Learn more

Quantitative Factors

Verus branded global factors and ratings for institutional investment managers include category creating uncorrelated factors such as Global Earnings Quality models, U.S. and European Insider Trading models, U.S. Equity Incentive model and expert stock scoring systems delivered to financial services partners. Learn more

New Solutions

We continue to maintain/enhance award-winning products for our global partners, but are also developing new and differentiated solutions for clients and partners to seize opportunities in a rapidly-evolving financial services landscape including index solutions, ETF products and other portfolio strategies, and analytical tools for both ETFs and index providers. Learn more